Look At Those Clothes!

Musings on style and fashion

Sing Me a Song About Clothes

In another of those lovely idle moments of which I used to think I had too many—the result, perhaps, of growing up in an industriously capitalist nation with Calvinist underpinnings (Calvinist underpinnings—oh yes—picture petticoats crafted from paper money!) or maybe from being schooled in an educational system that emphasized time-on-task and correctly filling in bubbles on answer sheets. Or possibly the culprit is simply a warped sense of ethics acquired […]

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The Fine Art of Pink

Live in or near Boston? Good! You’ve just got time to scoot over to the Museum of Fine Arts to see Think Pink before it closes on May 26. It’s a terrific little exhibition that explores our changing cultural and artistic relationship with the color pink; Yours Truly wrote a piece about it for SJ Chronicle. Sound like a cute, girls-only kinda thing? Uh-uh. Tour this small gallery and you’ll […]

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I Love My Shirt

Yesterday, while spending several hours pulling weeds and hoping for rain so I wouldn’t have to pull weeds, I distracted myself with thoughts about the clothes of love, as distinct from the love of clothes; or maybe not. … Anyway, slicing a little wedge from a big topic, I thought of three occasions when I fell in love, or lust, or something, with a man’s shirt, or to be more […]

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