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Well, maybe we’ll just stop in for a minute . . .

Bird Closeup

This past week, I, along with the Style Sisters (my rag-tag collection of fashion subpersonalities), topped off a lovely morning away from work with a cruise through a large Salvation Army that we had to go right by . . . well, no, we didn’t; we could’ve gone at least three other ways.

But we were so close! And it was half-price Wednesday! And we’ve been so very restrained in our thrifting lately! And sometimes the call to the hunt is just too strong to resist!

So our little car obligingly nosed its way into the parking lot and pulled into a handy spot right near the door (saving time, you know). Paris Gray-Brown, the only “No” vote amongst the sisters, told us all most severely that we must be in and out of the store in 15 minutes to give ourselves a margin of safety in case of traffic jams (although where we live, a moose, bear, wandering horse, or errant flock of chickens in the road is as likely as a traffic jam) or fires or who-knows-what sorts of problems.

“We must be there on time,”  she insisted. “Being late to work is totally unacceptable. Being late to anything is totally unacceptable. And we’re not supposed to be here anyway; what about our pledge not to thrift until March?”

The rest of us hushed Paris with promises to be timely and hustled into the store for a high-voltage tour during which we blithely tuned out her warning announcements about how little time we had left. In 25 minutes, we emerged with 5 fine items for just 18 bucks.

And then we drove to the office just a smidge too fast as we sang “La, la, la” so we wouldn’t hear Paris scolding us about taking too long. She calmed down somewhat when we slid into our post a mere 4 minutes late. She forgave us entirely when we promised to make up the time … and to let her be the first to wear the bird sweater. All’s well that ends well.


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6 replies

  1. I am glad that you are back, too. I missed the Style Sisters!



    • Thank you! I’ll tell them–some of them, anyway. A few are already way too full of themselves. We hope to be writing more soon, although I doubt we’ll be writing as much about clothes. Some of the sisters are still fussing over that decision, but I will likely prevail, since I’m in charge of both the money for buying those clothes and the means for writing about them (also known as the computer). Still, our love of clothes continues, a does our love of paying very little for them, and at the present moment, not even I can imagine never thrifting again. After all, my pledge to abstain for two months has been a failure—not on a spectacular scale, but a failure nonetheless. So, as I mentioned when we went on hiatus awhile ago, the Style Sisters will be back from time to time, and we’d all be most grateful for your continued readership. Especially the showy-off ones among us.


  2. I’m so happy to be hearing from style sisters again! ;^)



  3. This one says that the page can’t be found. HELP!!

    Glad that you are writing this blog, again. I missed it.


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