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“Goodnight, sweetheart, you know it’s time to go …”

They say a lady always knows when it’s time to leave, and although “lady” may be pushing it a bit for most of The Style Sisters, including me, we do think we usually know when it’s time to travel on, and we think that time is now. The site will still be here for awhile, so you can visit and read things you may not have caught before. (How long is awhile? Who knows?) And maybe someday we’ll put up some new posts. (Will we? Won’t we? Who knows?) We’ve all enjoyed writing for you, and being read by you, and we wish you well in your own travels, wherever they may take you.

Goodnight, sweethearts.

Final Photo_Moon & Star_NDPetitt

Photo by NDPetitt

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10 replies

  1. I’ll miss your commentaries on fashion and life in general, Eliz. You’ll find another venue.


  2. I, too, have really enjoyed this blog and will miss reading about your adventures with the Style Sisters here. I can’t wait to see what you do next!


    • I’m pleased and proud that you’ve enjoyed it, Jen. Plenty of adventures to be had, I’m sure; some we find, and some find us. In the words of the White Queen, “Take care of yourself! Something’s going to happen!”


  3. I have learned so much more about fashion and design from your blog. I have enjoyed both the writing and the photos and all of your comments about “the man in the plaid shirt.” Unfortunately, as they say, good things always have to end. However, I look forward to your next adventure!



  4. Lucky me. One of the style sisters is my friend and every day I look forward to seeing the wonderfully creative, visually dazzling outfits she puts together. This blog has been educational (stripes go with everything!) inspiring, and a lovely gathering of fashion news, notes, and expressions. Thank you from one of your devoted fans!



    • Lucky me. Writers write because they have to, but also because they want to be read (Emily Dickinson notwithstanding). How gratifying to know that your writing’s been read by someone who understood, appreciated, enjoyed, and learned something from what you had to say–and who told you so in such graceful words. Many thanks, Helen.


  5. I’ve enjoyed it. Goodnight!


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