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Sometimes I feel like an eggplant …

DSC_0007Although our wardrobe has been marching steadily back to its old black-white-gray-and-a-bright-accent-color palette, sometimes a few of The Style Sisters want to revisit  the full-monty color thing. If it’s the quiet sisters, we end up wearing something like the purple-and-green, flowers-and-stripes, eggplant-y outfit they chose for us recently. (Paris Gray-Brown wants us to say “aubergine-y,” because she is a snob, but we are not, so eggplant-y it is. )

We have a tenuous relationship with flowers; so often they skew toward cuteness, and we don’t do cute (although some of the quiet sisters dally dangerously close at times). And we have failed more than once to establish a beautiful friendship with purple. We were, in fact, about to dump this blouse because we couldn’t figure out how to wear it when all of a sudden the quiet sisters asked if they could please try one more time. The rest of us said yes, and here’s what they chose:

The dark floral seems to sidestep the cuteness problem, and the background is really more sort of merlot or burgundy than purple. We rather like those wine-y (versus whine-y) colors, food and drink being dear to our hearts. A bit of green in the skirt (around 6 bucks, courtesy of the Target 70% off rack) ties it to the blouse.

Photo 3a_Dark FloralInspired by our unanimous approval, the quiet sisters finished up with this (washable) jacket, scarf, and jewelery—all thrift, all 5 bucks-ish more or less (5.25 for the jacket).

Now, when Jazz and Rajiki and the other noisy sisters decide we need a Kodachrome day, they go for the brights, and we’re likely to end up looking like a kiwi. Don’t seem to have records for these pieces, but we’d testify in World Clothing Court as to their origins (thrift or close to it) and price (in the 5 bucks neighborhood in which we spend most of our time).


The noisy ones naturally picked a daft jacket to finish things off (here on the northern Right Coast in this almost-spring season, temps can differ by 30 degrees or more between early morning and late afternoon, so if you walk to work you can’t just prance off in little more than a tissue-thin skirt just because the calendar says so). One final thing—they wanted you to see a close-up of one of their favorite watches. (Like most of ours, it doesn’t work—we just wear them as bracelets. And hope we’ll get wherever we’re going more or less on time.)

So the takeaway here is that if you’re thinking of drastically revising your wardrobe, you might consider keeping at least a few of the old-news pieces. You never know when you’ll need to feel like your own version of an eggplant once again.

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  1. The merlot blouse look … not so much, but the Brooklyn All-Stars look … YES!! I like the green print skirt, too. I think that looking like an eggplant is not so bad.


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