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Pass the Salt and Pepper, Please

DSC_0055I love the look of salt-and-peppery black-and-white yarns, so I’ve had sweaters like this before. But somehow I never find quite the right thing to wear them with, and they end up back at the thrift store from whence they came (or one of its many cousins).

This  one lucked out, though. Either it’s just the right balance of white and black, or it just happened to find the perfect partner in a funny skirt, found this past March at Sal A for 5.99. It vaguely reminds me of 1950’s poodle skirts and of something Lucy Ricardo would wear (in a DSC_0024somewhat longer, Ricky-approved length, of course). The flowers almost put me off;  I can do flowers as long as they’re not perky or cute, and these are both. But I love anything tweed, so I decided to give it a go.

Francine, Jazz, and Rajiki, the Style Sisters most adamantly opposed to cuteness, insisted that we pair The Lucy Skirt with something that would dilute the effect of the silly flowers.

“Rakish, yes; cute, no,” they said, in tones that told the rest of us we were facing a fight.

“OK,” I told them. “No time for battles; we have to get to work. You’ve got 5 minutes to figure it out. Go!”

Rummaging around in the sweater boxes, they came up with the salt-and-pepper sweater, tucked its thickness into the thin skirt (a look I’ve always liked), and added a non-dainty belt (actually a strap from a bag of some sort; 1.99 at Sal A), the fish-fossil necklace we got for a buck at the county fair last summer, black tights with shiny silver dots, and star earrings.


“By George,” I told them, “I think you’ve got it!” And off we went to work, feeling very rakish indeed.

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  1. Awesome!!! You make me want to go straight to the thrift stores!!!


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