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Weather Ain’t Nuthin’

Photo by anitapeppers

 “Weather ain’t nuthin’. If it’s rainin’ out, take yer slicker. If it’s purty, leave it ta home.”

—An American cowboy

I read that quote long ago in some coffee table book full of beautiful photos of cowboys doing what cowboys do—or used to do, back when the West was the West and this country had a good five-cent cigar. It’s really just a more piquant way of delivering a common dress-for-the-weather adage: “There’s no such thing as bad weather—just bad clothes.”

Photo by holder

Photo by holder

I find it easier to live up to this advice in the winter, when you can pretty much control your own personal temperature by piling the clothes on and pulling them off as needed. Not only that, but I actually like cold and snow most of the time.

Ice is an entirely different matter; I out-and-out hate ice, because I walk a lot and I hate falling. I’ve never gotten hurt, but I have gotten mad. And a bit scared one time, when I slipped near the top of the steep path that I usually insist on taking on the way back from work because it’s the fastest way to get home. I did a complete Superman (or -woman) arms-out-straight face flop and began sliding rapidly backwards down the hill, toward the curving road across which no driver would expect to see a bundle of winter clothing hurtling at full speed and would therefore probably have run right over that bundle.

I somehow stopped before reaching the road and, once I stood up, laughed my head off. Lordy, how funny that must have looked, I thought, to anyone who happened to be going by at the bottom of the hill!

Photo by cohdra

Photo by cohdra

Summer, though—that’s the hardest time for me to live up to the “Weather ain’t nuthin'” advice.  Heat and humidity make me totally cranky. I find them unbearable and become unbearable myself, whining and complaining pretty much non-stop on the hottest days. The funny thing is, I spent a good part of my growing up in a tropical place, where, in the summer, a temp of 90 degrees at 7 a.m. was not unusual. But I never remember feeling hot. I knew it was hot, but I never felt it as discomfort.

Of course, during my earliest years in a cold and snowy place, I never felt cold, either, even though we spent hours playing outside in our snowsuits. Mind over matter I guess; and to children’s minds, other things matter a lot more than weather—things like building snow people or sailing sticks in curbside rivers born from rain.

But I do believe trying to cowgirl up  to the weather part of The Cowboy Code is a worthwhile endeavor, winter or summer. Saves a lot of energy lost in grousing, for one thing—energy that I can then put into thrift store visits justified by the need to find clothing that will help manage whatever the weather’s dishing out.

For another thing, withholding my weather complaints also withholds some fuel from all the little fires being stoked by everyone else’s weather complaints, which makes for a pleasanter time for everyone.

And for a third, it’s respectful of my host. I sort of feel, lately, that I’m a guest on this planet and in this life. And as we know, it’s never polite for a guest to complain about the accommodations.

Enjoy the weather!

Photo by rbrevity



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    • Thank you, welovefur. You have a very handsome (and obviously influential) blog. Speaking for all The Style Sisters, however, I am honor-bound to report that we have very mixed feelings on the fur issue. On the one hand, we know that wearing fur is a very ancient part of the human experience. And we know that it’s very warm and very beautiful. On the other hand, we feel uncomfortable with the whole idea of fur-wearing, given that we humans now have ways to keep warm that do not involve depriving an animal of its life, never mind its means of keeping warm. We have similar concerns about leather, even though perhaps a third of our shoes are made of it. And we have a couple of beautiful leather garments found at thrift stores, which in now way excuses us: We didn’t buy them right off the animal (that is, new), but we still bought them. Sigh. It is complicated, is it not, being human? The sisters and I hope, however, that we can agree to differ and that you will visit us again to share the many non-fur pleasures of fashion and style.


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