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Super Bowl Colors: Will White Win Again?

Baby with Football by GaborfromHungaryGosh, I don’t know, but it seems that statistics are on the side of  the New England Patriots, since they’ll be in their white “road”  jerseys, and according to the official NFL site, on a page called “Mind-blowing stats for the Super Bowl,” teams wearing white have won 8 of the last 10 games.

For those of us clueless about football, the site SB Nation helpfully observes that because the Seattle Seahawks are the home team (even though they’re playing in Phoenix, Arizona) they get to choose what colors they’ll wear, and they chose their blue jerseys with neon-green-trimmed gray numbers, which I gather they like a lot and play really well in.

Lest you think this matter of uniforms colors is trivial, consider this: Just before the Oregon vs. Ohio State game a few weeks ago, The Wall Street Journal ran a piece pointing  out that the Oregon Ducks usually lose when they play in silver and white. As the home team in that contest, they had their choice of their apparently rather extensive wardrobe, including their school colors of yellow and green (very duck-like), but what did they choose?  Silver and white. And what happened? They lost, big time: 42–20.

(The Buckeyes, by the way, wore their traditional red jerseys with silver pants and helmets. Very fetching, and red, of course, is a power color. And a happiness color. And I bet they were plenty happy when they saw the Ducks trot onto the field in the wrong colors.  No time to change = no joy in Mudvile … oops, that’s baseball … )

May the best-dressed team win.


 Photos by GaborfromHungary.













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  1. The best dressed team, in WHITE, won again. Interesting statistics!


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