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Ruffled Rainbow

DSC_0009“Oh!” was my first reaction when I spotted this tunic at the consignment shop in the next town over.  “Hmmm” was the second. You see, it’s constructed of three wide ruffles, front and back, and I don’t typically think of myself as a ruffly person.

But, as The Style Sisters so frequently remind me, it’s not just about me. The noisy, exuberant sisters (Jazz, Francine, and Rajiki) wanted the colors and the movement. The quiet, demure ones (Amalienne, Celestina Maria Santina, and Mattie Rose) wanted the ruffles. What can one do when thus outnumbered? We tried it on to make sure it wasn’t too sweetie-girlie (which none of us wants) and then toted it home and assembled this outfit, which we wore today as a cheerful antidote to very gray, raw, and chilly weather.

We like the idea of wearing a blazer instead of a sweater, just for a change, and this soft knitted one (10.38 on the clearance rack at Target) works well for that purpose, since it slips easily under even a fairly slim-fitting parka. And it’s neutral color helps tone down the craziness of the tunic—which craziness shows to better (or worse) advantage in this back view and detail.

On to the outer layer. The loud sisters chose the orange scarf (Lord & Taylor), which we just found this past weekend for 3 bucks at the Housing Works on West 17th Street at 7th Avenue in New York. The quiet sisters chose the houndstooth.

DSC_0026Finally, the lot of them compromised on the gloves and jewels (1 buck for the earrings at Angel Thrift, right across the street from Housing Works).

DSC_0041A wonderful thing, compromise, is it not?

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4 replies

  1. When you decide to boot them over the rainbow, let me know and I’ll get my pot ready!


  2. I loved that outfit. I remember admiring the ruffles!


    • Thanks, A. As you know, I choose the clothes that appeal to me, for whatever reason, rather than those anybody else thinks I should wear. But it’s extra nice when someone else enjoys them, too! And as we both know, the thrifts are a great place to experiment with whatever your version of ruffles may be. Little monetary damage done, even if you decide you need to boot the ruffles over the rainbow.


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