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One Hot Monday in November . . .

DSC_0021After kicking us in the pants for a few weeks with weirdly cold temps (in the low 30’s but with wind chills of 18 or 19), November all of a sudden decided to change it up and nail us with a 63-degree-high gray and rainy day that of course started off much cooler. We’d just about gotten used to cold-weather dressing, for Pete’s sake, and here we were first thing on a Monday having to dress for practically hot. It was a grumbly morning alright, so it was a good thing that Jazz, one of the more unquenchably ebullient of The Style Sisters, offered to assemble our outfit while the rest of us went looking for other things to whine about.

Her choices pleased everyone (everyone who was awake, that is):

With more sensitivity than she usually demonstrates, Jazz chose the light sweater (Forever XX1, found at the Sal A in our town for 4.99), the neck fluff (a craft-fair splurge at around 20.00), and the earrings (under 5.00 at an El Cheapo mall store, as we recall) to suit her own mood and the black to suit the rest of our gloomy crew. DSC_0007The stretch cotton Ralph Lauren shirt represents the sort of staple for which we occasionally pay more than our typical thrift-store 5.00 or occasionally 10.00. On sale for 17.95 (down from 39.95), it cost less than similar models from LL Bean or Lands’ End, is better made, and fits better; theirs tend to be loose, which is fine for some things, but we wanted a really close fit for sleek layering. Plus, like white, black has to be flawless to work well, and that sometimes means new.

The stretch cords, too, we bought new. They’re  from Lands’ End, marked down from 39.95 to 21.00.  (A lot of merchants seem to be doing pretty substantial online discounts lately; what do they know, do you think, that we don’t know?) Described as leggings, they actually offer a slightly more generous fit that makes them a good work alternative when you don’t feel like layering a skirt over and just leggings and a long tunic feel a little too casual. (They’re much less baggy than they appear on our poor legless mannequin.) And these leggings/pants are nearly identical to our much-loved (but no longer made) pair of Marsh Landing stretchies found somewhere or other eons ago—except that Lands’ End somehow figured out how to put pockets on them without destroying the smooth silhouette. A family style council determined that the quality (and the sale price) justified buying pairs in gray, brown, and camel as well as black.

To finish things off, Jazz chose a scarf, boots, and a Weavz jacket that we found on sale for 20.00, marked down from 60.00 or 80.00 (we must take better notes!)  at a goofy little shop nearby that always looks like a going-out-of-business raggedy mess.

We  don’t shop labels and had never heard of Weavz, but we always wonder if this shop is pulling our collective leg with their “sales”—you know, sort of stretching the truth about the original prices of things. So when we got home, we sent Paris Gray-Brown off to do some research, a task right up her didactic alley. Within a few minutes, she pushed her “I am a serious person” spectacles up on her forehead and announced that prices for our jacket  range from 60.00 to 100.00 and sometimes higher. Yay!

We bought the scarf, also new, from a  street vendor on 8th Avenue near Times Square in New York (we also got the same print in black on white). Such a deal: The first vendor we passed was asking 10.00 each. Uh-uh, we all agreed. And then a block or so later, we passed another vendor selling the exact same scarves at 2 for 10.00! Jazz’s painterly composition cheered us all up considerably. We didn’t exactly break into song on the way to work, but we did do some whistling. Not bad for a weird November Monday.

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  1. I really liked this outfit. It is well put together with a base of black and white and then the added array of colors. Boots are everywhere, so it’s good that you included them. In my recent visit to NYC, I missed the street vendors with scarves. Too bad, you got such a deal on a proven, classic print of “New York.”


    • Thanks! The scarf vendors have switched to faux cashmere now, but I’m sure these lightweight ones will be back in the spring. You could also have a look in one of those big “NY Gifts” stores; you’ll find a couple (at least!) around Times Square.


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