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DSC_0012This is our kind of suit alright: trim but relaxed, lively with pleats and little pen-and-ink scribbles.DSC_0014 Here’s how we found it: On the way to the grocery to pick up a couple of things after work yesterday, we stopped into Salvation A for a quick whip-through in honor of “Everything-But-One-Color-Is-Half-Price” day (Wednesday in our part of the world).

We zipped up, down, and around, nabbed the skirt (7.99 with a halfies tag = 3.99), and raided the kids’ department, where we shouldered aside a few kids (just kidding—pun intended) and found a nifty little hip-length denim shirt bedecked with large golden sprays of wheat (no halfies tag; 4.99 = 4.99).

As we headed for the checkout desk, pleased with our fortunate finds, we noticed Francine and Rajiki lagging behind in the jacket aisle. “Come on,” we snapped impatiently. “We still have to go to the grocery, and how can we do baked potatoes if we don’t get home until 6:00?”

All was forgiven when they rushed to us waving a jacket, and not just any jacket but the very one that goes with the skirt. For some reason, and not for the first time, the Sal A Soldiers had decided to price and rack the jacket apart from the  skirt. We’d been down that  aisle but hadn’t seen it; could be it had taken a jaunt to the dressing room with another thrifter. Anyway, the jacket also bore a halfies tag, so we paid 6.49 instead of a rather steep (considering the venue) 12.99.  Total cost of suit: 10.48.

The jacket is lined polyester with significant should pads, which work well for our particular physique. It carries a Worthington label (J.C. Penny); clearly not a high-end brand, but serviceable and apparently sometimes inspired. Just goes to show that it makes sense to shop the clothes, not the labels.

We headed to the grocery and then home, thinking happily as we trudged up the steep cathedral steps about all the ways we could wear these two pieces.


Definitely adaptable, are they not? For the odd serious occasion, we’ll wear both pieces with Lady Shoes and, if  major gravitas is required, a silk shell and black stockings. Mostly however, we’ll let Francine and Rajiki go to town mixing up the pieces with dotted t-shirts, black denim jacket, and faux leather moto vest (zippers everywhere and a leopard lining; Paris Gray-Brown blanches at the mere thought), leggings or tights or bare legs, ankle socks with sneaks. Very suitable.

DSC_0003 (2)





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2 replies

  1. What a find! The suit is definitely adaptable and, at the very least, good for three seasons. I like the fact that it can be dressed up or down, depending upon the occasion. I think that a black sweater and leggings would also look well with it … and keep you warm.

    Nice buy. It just proves that it’s always smart to take a second look!


    • “… it’s always smart to take a second look!” Absolutely. Especially when you’re moving fast, it’s halfies day. and lots of other hunters are on the prowl. (Second looks–good advice for Life as well as thrifting, don’t you think?)

      A black sweater is a great idea–a chunky one for warmth and contrast. O, woe is me, I’ll have to go thrifting again …


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