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“O hushed October morning mild . . .”

What to  wear on a summer-like fall day that calls to mind  Robert Frost’s lovely and pensive poem, “October”?

From Frost’s 1913 collection A Boy’s Will, the surprisingly contemporary-sounding poem exactly and wondrously describes a day just like today, when the air warms and we’re given a reprieve from the inevitable march toward winter, with its wild winds and deep cold. Temperatures began in the 50’s and promised to climb to 70—much too warm for leggings or tights, especially since we grow very crabby when overheated. So we chose this calf-length gored skirt of thin cotton from Talbots and a Ruby Rd. cotton-knit shirt.

DSC_0006The gores give the skirt wonderful movement. As for the shirt, I don’t usually choose anything with 3/4 sleeves, preferring to be able to push sleeves up or down at will, control freak that I am (well, really, it’s not me; it’s Francine and Paris Gray-Brown). But Ruby Rd. has such nice prints—distinctive, exuberant, more abstract than realistic, and not cute—that I will make exceptions for them, especially when I find their pieces for 5.00 or under (bought new, shirts like this one fetch around 50.00).

The center stone of the necklace (a few bucks from a drugstore, I think—remember, look everywhere!) dropped nicely into the deep round notch in the center of the neckline, and small earrings helped to keep the outfit (if not the wearer) calm and let the print have its say.

The light scarf and the jacket (thrifted ages ago and almost surrendered to a new home on a couple of occasions; how fickle we—like October herself—can be!) kept things just-right warm on the walk to work and were no trouble to carry home.

And a dreamy walk home along the river it was, too, thinking about our friend Frost, watching the ducks and the Canada geese gathering excitedly for the long journey ahead . . .


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  1. Robert Frost and Autumn seem to go together. Thanks for reminding me of his October poem. Your cotton knit shirt fits perfectly with the changing colors of the leaves.


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