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My Five-Dollar Black Watch Pendleton Pencil Skirt

Drummers by wintersixfour

“Drummers” by wintersixfour

With Scotland very much on our minds as we plan for a visit there next summer, we thought it sheer serendipity (or perhaps The Fates telling us to “Push on, lass! Push on!”) when Rajiki found a nifty Pendleton skirt at Salvation Army last week.


Rajiki immediately decided that the Pendleton must be paired with something in the so-called dark florals that were a big deal on the 2013 runways and have managed to hold onto fashion’s typically short attention span  for a whole year. If you’re a follower of fashion, you’ll wear them for fall 2014 as well. And if you’re a follower of (your own) style, which I fervently hope you are, you’ll wear them if you like them and pass if you don’t, no matter what the fashion world says.

The Style Sisters don’t currently own a dark (also called “midnight”) floral in colors that would be simpatico with the the Black Watch, but remedying that lack will no doubt absorb a few happy hours. These not-your-grannie’s-flowers patterns make the quieter sisters a bit nervous, but Rajiki, with Paris Gray-Brown somewhat surprisingly backing her, along with Francine, Jazz, and Mattie Rose, will very likely get her way.  (Paris is key here; a button must be moved, and she is the one who does most of what passes for sewing amongst the sisters. )

Although 9.99 was a bit beyond our typical  price point (5.00), it was halfies day for yellow tags! Actually, we likely would have broken the rules for this one even had it  been full price—full Sal A price, that is. (By the way, anyone who can get them to stop attaching price tags to clothes with staples—staples!—deserves a Nobel Prize. At least.)

P.S. If you’d like to try a plaid–floral paring yourself, have a look at this very quick  tutorial over at the Free People blog. Rajiki and her compatriots would happily wear any of the three outfits shown there; the other Style Sisters would be welcome, she says, to stay home with their sensitivities and their sick headaches.

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2 replies

  1. I love 2 things about this skirt…the skirt itself AND the fact that it was Made in America.
    It’s so difficult to find clothing that’s made in the USA.


    • Hello, Anon. When I read your comment, I thought about the New York Garment District, which is now nothing but a name and a memory. I’d like to know the story of made-in-America clothing; no doubt some interesting economic and cultural factors had to do with the disappearance of our home-grown wearables.

      I also took a spin around the Internet and found some sites that list brands making clothing here. One such site is AmericansWorking.com. They have state-by-state listings and cover all sorts of products. I’m not sure who they are–labor activists of some sort, I’m guessing–but they’re well-liked on Facebook, for whatever that’s worth.

      A CNN page lists sites that track made-in-American products, along with names of some native clothing companies.

      And, just because I prefer odd numbers to even, here’s a third one: The American List over at Continuous Lean. They call themselves a “a discovery agent for those with an appreciation of quality, style and provenance” and seem mostly concerned with clothing, footwear, and accessories, although their list covers a few other products, too.

      Hope you find this list helpful, Anon, and that you’ll come back for more reading and commenting!


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