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So Where Have You Been Hiding Yourself?

In full view, but just not where they belonged is the answer for two of these treasures. During a recent tour through the003 (2) Salvation Army in our town, we spied this gray cotton J. Jill skirt with a light fleecy lining guess where? Sitting in a forlorn little heap on a wire end-cap full of flotsam, at the end of the t-shirt rack and way across the floor from the skirt section. (Paris Gray-Brown, who is one of the bossiest of The Style Sisters, immediately claimed it for her own particular property, but we’ll see about that.) The yellow price tag said “1.99”  (Sal A, at least around here, is known for its erratic pricing.) That would have been bargain enough, but since yellow tags were halfies that day, we secured it for a mere .99 cents.

Then, in our rapid but thorough sweep of the store, we discovered this velour True Grit shirt for 5.99—slightly pricey, but Amalienne, who loves soft things, pleaded sweetly for it, and so we agreed. To be dead honest, we have only the vaguest memories of this  brand; turns out they do “casual luxury clothing with an added sense of California sophistication. ” My goodness, aren’t we pretentious? And have the mighty not fallen?


Rather than finding this treasure in an odd place, we found it odd that it was in the place where it was—with the ladies’ shirts, when the staff might easily have racked it in the children’s section. You see, True Grit does not appear to have a children’s line, but this shirt is sized “XL.”  It certainly might fit an extra-large child (they grow them big these days); it certainly would not fit an extra-large adult. Unless, that is we’re speaking of an extra-large LA lady adult who survives on sesame seeds and hot water and hit her lifetime maximum weight when she was nine years old. At any rate, we feel lucky to have found it.

009Next, at the end of a rack of t-shirts, with no other skirts in sight, we found this nifty pleated affair tagged at 5.99 with a yellow “halfies” tag. No special brand label, but no matter; we do not shop by labels. Rather, we use labels to enhance our sense of delight at finding good stuff cheap. We feel equally happy  with any garment, no matter the label, that feels good, looks good (from our own perspective, which, we freely admit, is occasionally rather peculiar), fits well, is clean and reasonably well constructed, and meets our price criterion (generally in the 5.00 neighborhood). The mesh topper joined the family for 2.49 on an earlier Sal A sortie.

And thereby hangs a lesson for all my thrifting pals: Look everywhere, not just in  the usual places. Cruise the sizes above and below yours. Whip along the men’s racks. See what’s been mis-racked in the kids’ section, or what’s properly racked there but belonged to one of those generously proportioned children.  Keep your eyes on the move as you pass though linens and cookware and books. Look for skirts in the shirt section and shirts among the slacks. As you go, remind yourself of what the best hunters know: You search anywhere the quarry might be, not just where you think it should be. Happy hunting.046

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