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Silken Segues

DSC_0027Early fall here in the northern-ish part of the Left Coast is sort of like late spring: erratic, unsettled, often with chilly mornings and evenings and quite warm temps sandwiched in between. What to wear in such transitional times? Layers, of course. And silk. Because silk breathes, long sleeves protect you from the chill and feel just fine when temperatures climb, too. And although there’s silk and there’s silk, just about all of it drapes beautifully and feels lovely against the skin. Last but not least, not one of The Style Sisters has any objection to silk—not even Paris Gray-Brown, who usually ends up doing the ironing.

Here’s the silk blouse we wore today. We forgive the skirt its polyester because its pleats are so much fun.  All clothing and accoutrements (except the sandals) are from our 5.00-and-under thrift shop sorties. (Wondering who K-9 Falco is? He’s a police dog on the force in our town. He gave us this memento after we watched him do his stuff at our county fair. Well, his handler did, actually, but I  know Falco wanted us to have it. For free.)


And here’s more long-sleeved silk for tomorrow, and a longer skirt with deep side slits to balance the length and provide cooling, if needed. Temps are supposed to be on a steady downturn from a spike up to 85 on Sunday (no! no! summer’s over!!), but you never can tell around here. Today it dropped to the mid-70’s; tomorrow, high 60’s. And the mornings will be in the low 50’s. (I hear that Americans’ fascination with weather facts and forecasts puzzles those in other parts of the world. Dear Others: If you’re out there, please confirm or deny.)

DSC_0026Our top layer will depend in part on the weather and in larger part on how importunate the quiet Style Sisters are tomorrow morning. (If you’re reading anytime tonight according to U.S. eastern standard time, do weigh in.) The skirt is actually navy, as is the background of the blouse. The cotton sweater (LL Bean, 2.00 at a charity tag sale) could be black or midnight navy. We’re all fine with either.

Shoes may be navy sneakers or red, jewels probably minimal, again depending in large part on the proponents of the Quiet Revolution that’s been happening around here lately. Note to self: Be at least as tolerant of the silly quirks of others as you hope they will be of yours.

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  1. I vote for the pink sweater! Which did you all choose?


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