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Are You What You Wear?


“Vestis virum facit”

(“Clothes make the man”)

—Medieval Latin proverb  in Collectanea Adagiorum, known as “the Adagia” (Adages), a collection of Greek and Latin proverbs published by Dutch Renaissance scholar Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus in 1500


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  1. very interesting! i think that part of it is that clothes influence how we feel, and how we feel influences how others view us.


    • I think that is a major part of it. When we put on a beautiful, well-fitting suit or dress, others may ascribe some of the virtues of the garment to us. And just as what we wear influences how we’re perceived, we can also influence how our clothes are perceived: When people can’t pull off a certain kind of outfit, it’s often because of their attitude, not their clothes. They feel uncomfortable, so they shrink away or stiffen and look unhappy, and other people pick up on those cues.

      Thanks for your insight!

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