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“Donald, Where’s Yer Troosers?”

Francine and Jazz, the most audacious of The Style Sisters, made such a fuss over these troosers—ah, trousers—that we had to give in just to 001get the two of them out of the store. “Alright,” the rest of us said crossly. “Now we’ll just see if you actually wear them.”

Wear them they did, and the rest of us had to admit that they chose fitting circumstances. In the first place, the cool temperatures (10 degrees lower than our typical September) have turned our thoughts toward cozy, comfy clothing. And in the second, Scotland has been on our minds as we plan a trip there next summer—and the Scots prepare to vote “Yes” or No” on leaving the United Kingdom. (And they’re counting the votes this very minute!  Our perhaps wildly romantic hope is for “Yes,” along with Sean Connery, among many others. (My, he does look fetching in a kilt.)

So we rolled up our cuffs and set off down the hill, feeling quite jaunty in our plaid, even if we did have to listen to F & J singing far too many choruses of Andy Stewart’s goofy little song,  “Donald, Where’s  Yer Troosers?” (Take a minute to listen. You owe it to yourself to hear Stewart doing this traditional-style Scottish song a la Elvis Presley. I will say no more.)



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4 replies

  1. These trousers are amazing. Have you worn them much yet? Bet they’re a great conversation starter!


    • Have just worn them once so far, although Ive had them for several months. I’ve been doing rather a lot of thrifting lately, so it takes time for things to get a second chance! Also, I’ve been leaning lately toward quieter stuff, more black, white, and gray with just a little color. But I still have plenty of red-plaid-pants days, so I’m sure they’ll be stepping out again soon.


  2. So many photos of Sean Connery and so little time ….


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