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6 for $6.00: Easy Work on Labor Day

Survival Parking Lot Sale LAbor Day 2014 027As we hurtle forward into fall, with the fairs and festivals piling up and the leaves already beginning to change, I’ve already practically forgotten Labor Day, except for the delightful circumstance of having a day off from work—and my trip down the hill to the tiny thrift store that often yields treasures all out of proportion to its size. I happened to hear (OK, I had been there two days before dropping stuff off and, yes, replacing that stuff with some more stuff—but less came in that went out). They were holding a parking lot sale to clear out their summer inventory, and 20 minutes or so of cruising yielded some pretty good finds.

Survival Parking Lot Sale LAbor Day 2014 004

The clothes were a dollar apiece, and although many were extra small or extra large, many were just right. (Who let Goldilocks in?!?) It was a fine summer day, not too hot, and quite sunny, which was both a pleasure and a bit of a problem: The sun was so bright that I hard time seeing some of the clothes in the glare. And so I actually wore the Lands’ End turquoise-and-white tee once before realizing it had unacceptable faults and had to be consigned to the H&M rag bag (bring your pals at H&M a bag of rags and get a discount coupon!). Ratso Rizzo! But, hey, it was only a buck, and all the money goes to the town’s food pantry.

Probably this fabulous Mickey Mouse shirt  is my favorite of the six. I love Mickey Mouse!

Two sleeveless tees and a camisole will help ease the way through the last few hot days of the year. That’s a little heart above the sun in the golden LA shirt.

Last of all, the unfortunate Land’s End tee and a pair of men’s Eastern Mountain nylon shorts. (No matter about gender; if it fits, feels good, and looks good, I’m in. By the way, interesting how, in general, it’s much easier for a woman to say that than a man.) That off-one-shoulder t-shirt was very cool but so large that I and all The Style Sisters would have fit in it together.

So then it was time to leave the field to the other hunters.

Survival Parking Lot Sale LAbor Day 2014 003

Bye bye, Teddy!



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4 replies

  1. That micky tee is too cute!! Love it :) Mega bargain.


    • Indeed! I know people give up clothes for lots of reasons, but it’s hard for me to fathom why someone gave up this Mickey. If the prior owner changed his or her mind, I’d almost be willing to give it back. Almost.


  2. Who would have expected a tag sale at a thrift store? It was your lucky day. I agree that Mickey was your best buy. I am sure that you would have paid more than a dollar for that purchase.


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