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“My Gift to You: A Museum About Me”

Art Noveau Poster 2_Italian Fashion MagazineWell, it’s not quite as egomaniacal as it sounds. As Fashionmag.com reports, Italian fashion giant Giorgio Armani will work with his adopted city of Milan to create a museum of his designs as an educational resource—and a tourist draw. Museo Armani (or whatever they decide to call it) will be built with private funds, presumably some or all from Armani. And taking down the ego quotient a bit further is the fact that it won’t be all Armani, all the time; they’ll “welcome temporary exhibitions thematically related to fashion, design and creativity.”

And hey, maybe anyone who reaches 80 looking like this guy deserves their very own museum. Italiano bella gente, eh, Giorgio?

For a taste of sleek Italian elegance secondo Armani, have a look at Vogue’s (no, not Rogue’s, although I bet he is one, in his own sophisticated way) gallery of his work.

Re Giorgio (“King Giorgio,” as he’s known to the Italian press) also starred, along with other Italian designers, in an exhibition at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. “The Glamour of Italian Fashion, 1945–2014”  showed 120 Italian-designed ensembles and jewels worn by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Ava Gardner, and Audrey Hepburn. It ended in July, but the V&A website still has lot of interesting stuff.

Ciao, bambino.


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  1. Armani’s fashions are so classic. He certainly knows how to celebrate a woman with clothing that exudes self-confidence whether she is at work or at play. He obviously loves women, which is not a bad thing.
    Yes, having your own museum is somewhat egotistical, but it is also selfless in that others can learn from his creations. He just happens to be fortunate enough to still be alive at 80 and to be able to have a direct hand in creating the museum. My guess is that it will be a better museum because of his involvement.


    • Check on all points! He certainly will have strong ideas about how his stuff should be displayed–and who could know better? Besides, all those beautiful things has to go somewhere when he’s gone. Better into a public museum than a private collection, where just about no one would see it. Bravo, Giorgio!


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