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Let’s Join the Circus!

DSC_0062Francine’s idea, joining the circus. She’s one of the most, shall we say, imaginative of The Style Sisters, and we had a hard road talking her out of it—until we pointed out that persons like ourselves, who have absolutely no talent for lion taming, walking on high wires, or galloping around rings while standing on the backs of great white horses, usually end up shoveling elephant poop. That did it. She slipped on the Cirque du Soleil cotton shirt we found for 2.29 at a Goodwill in Des Moines, Iowa, and off we went to work.

We let her choose the rest of the outfit, too. The chunky (or clunky, depending on your point of view) sandals from Propet are one of our few items bought new and for a dear price: around 85.00. But they’re long-lasting, excellent for long walks on circus midways, popular with our foot surgeon, and a good counterweight to the billowy trousers, which  have been around so long that no one knows their price or their provenance.

Some of the jewels are recent; most took up residence long ago; all cost under 5.00. Send in the clowns.

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2 replies

  1. Purchasing and slipping on the Cirque Du Soleil shirt was a LOT cheaper than actually going to the circus. It appears to be an attractive savings!


    • Indeed–I just had a look around the web and found that Cirque du Soleil tickets range from 45 bucks to nearly 400!! And for Ringling Brothers, you’ll say goodbye to anywhere from 20 to 163 smackers–per person. That’s a lotta thrift store circus shirts.


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