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Sixteen for $18.50—and a Pig, Too

DSC_0009Happy Birthday to me! I decided to celebrate with some anthropological research in the form of tag sales (known as yard sales or garage sales in some parts  of the U.S. of A.)—so interesting to see what one’s neighbor’s once treasured or simply possessed and now consider expendable.The Man in The Plaid Shirt and all The Style Sisters came along as research assistants. We chose three sales from 20 or so going on this Saturday and scored big time with clothing and jewels: 18.50 for  17 treasures!

Only one error: a white oxford long-sleeved shirt from Old Navy that Paris Gray-Brown kept telling us was too small, even though it was marked Large. But she has been in a bit of an odd mood lately, so the rest of us chose to ignore her. No matter—the price tag was a mere dollar, and we can easily expect four or five times that from the consignment shop. And it gave us an opportunity to instruct Paris, who is usually instructing the rest of us, in the unattractiveness of smirking when one is proven right.

On to the treasures. First, the whites.  Finding good white pieces (very white, very clean, no stains) at the thrifts proves hard around here, but they seem to show up fairly often at the tags—and at  around one fourth the thrift price!

We’ve long been needing more white to go with all of our black; black-and-white combos are perhaps the one thing all The Style Sisters can agree on. They’re our go-to on mornings when we failed to plan our outfit the night before and are late for work because of someone’s rebelliousness (Amalienne or Jazz) or distracted dreaminess (Mattie Rose or Camilla Maria Santina). B&W is always classy, and sometimes we wonder if we ought to  revert DSC_0059to an earlier style phase in which we had eliminated just about all of our colors and relied on black, white, gray, and bits of red. Here’s B&W&R in a soft tag-sale fleece scarf that makes us wish for winter. Almost. We enjoy winter, usually, but letting go of summer …  that can be hard.

(By the way, it’s a great way to travel—black, white, and your favorite color; everything goes with everything and you needn’t pack much.)

And then a touch of the tawny, for those days when all The Style Sisters are feeling quiet and somewhat cooperative. The jersey is from Talbot’s; the skirt is rayon; the black sleeveless blouse is a linen. All will go well with Camilla Maria’s church sale straw hat.

Then we found (another) hoodie, this one in navy and white, which, in the Italian manner, will look fine with black skirts, too, on days when we’re not in an “Aye Aye, Matey” mood.

We always keep a sharp eye out for jewels. Even if we don’t get to the tags early, we often find something fetching, since our taste tends a bit more to the outrageous than that of most hunters in our part of the jungle. A leather cord holds the metal beads on the choker.

Finally, some gifts for a certain friend of ours, a charming person, almost 90 now, who can wear the cute pieces that do not work for any of the Sisters.  Beehives, watering cans, and  wheelbarrows filled with flowers  cover the tunic; click the photo to see the print up close.

As we tag-saled along, the temperature did grow hot, but not too hot; the Man in the Plaid Shirt did have to retreat to the car and his science magazines quite frequently, but he did so politely.   Chocolate came later. And BBQ. And gifts that were lovely (and tasty) and much appreciated but quite unnecessary, since the real gift is that people want to give you gifts. A good birthday, all in all, and we shall all remember it fondly whenever we step out in one of the many outfits that will arise from our 17 items—well, 14, once we subtract two treats for our friend. And one little porker.

Piglet for 16 for $18.50

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6 replies

  1. Do you have a huge closet?


    • Oh, good question! I do take up a lot of the closet space in our little house, and I’ve been thinking a lot for a long time about how to manage the whole acquisition and storage issue. It’s a philosophical issue, too, not just a physical one. More on that soon.


  2. The one little porker is adorable! I also found the fish pendant to be quite attractive. I am always amazed as to the things you find that look perfectly fine at tag sales … and yet I usually find nothing.


    • It just takes practice! Gradually, you develop a few key things: your visual memory (of what you have in your closet), your imagination (of how the things on the racks could work with the things in your closet), and your radar (for honing in on just the right things–for you–amongst the thousands before you). You also develop your love of the hunt!


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