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This Fashion Designer Walks into a Library . . .

Book Plate 1What do fashion designers read? All kinds of stuff, it turns out, from studies of art movements to murder mysteries to wonky business books. You can get the scoop in a nifty post by Kristin Tice Studeman at Style.com on the favorite summer reads of 26 designers. Some of the books I’ve heard of, most are new to me, and I’d like to read at least a couple of them. First is Jujitsu Rabbi and the Godless Blond by Rebecca Dana (according to Brett Heyman, who chose it, It’s hilarious, and it’s set in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, where my paternal parent spent a good part of his youth).

And second is Flapper: A Madcap Story of Sex, Style, Celebrity, and the Women Who Made America Modern,  a social history by Joshua Zeitz, chosen by Erin Beatty.

Scrupulous truth: I barely know anything about either of the two designers, but I always think well, or at least better, of anyone who reads cool books. You, too?

P.S. Rebecca Dana, please stop using “like” like that, like, OK?

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  1. What an interesting topic. I was fascinated by the range of books that obviously talented and created people in the same business chose. I have noted a couple of the books for my reading pleasure while in Florida. It seems like an appropriate place to read them. Thank you for the information.


    • That range of topics really is something, isn’t it? As an English major back in the day, I’m always curious about what people are reading.These days, unfortunately, the answer often seems to be “not much,” so I’m glad to see that fashion people still find inspiration in books.You never know when something you read will pop up in some other part of your life; it’s interesting to imagine how what fashion people read will show up in their clothing designs. Glad you found something of interest for your trip!


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