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From the Brooklyn Bridge to Waving Fields of . . . Corn

Old NY postcardQuick, answer this riddle: How are DUMBO, Brooklyn, and Des Moines, Iowa, the same? . . . Think … Think . . . Think . . .

By George, you’ve got it!!! The answer, of course, is thrifting. The Style Sisters and I returned late last night from a thrifting-and-general exploring jaunt to DUMBO, Brooklyn, that rapidly turned into a comic, skin-of-the-teeth odyssey, and this morning we’re off (in 14 minutes!) for a week in Iowa. We’re supposed to be working—no, no, we will be working!—during the days, but these summer days are long, which will, we hope, leave time for touring and thrifting and visiting parks and museums after the serious bits are done.  Not a one of us has ever been to Iowa, so that will be fun (we can add to our Goofy Postcard collection), and we have long airport layovers, which are excellent for culture absorbing and shop-cruising. (We found one of our best bracelets in an airport shop in Houston, Texas, for a mere 10 bucks; one must develop the habit of looking for good, cheap—uh, frugal fashion opportunities everywhere and anywhere.)

 Goodbye, goodbye!

Ocean Liner




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  1. ….. so what made it a skin-of-the-teeth odyssey?


    • More on that soon (post return from Iowa) … basically, I had to get back to Manhattan (53rd and Broadway) by 6:45 to catch my ride or else spend all night in the city, which I certainly had not planned on doing, and by the time I found the thrift I maniacally insisted on getting to, the clock had already ticked a little too close to (or was it past?) 5 for comfort, and who knew where the nearest subway station was? Not me. I made it back by 6:10. Whew; lucky duck.


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