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You’re Such an Animal

044 (2)On a recent jaunt to H&M to surrender yet another bag o’ rags in return for a discount ticket (you know about that, I hope?), The Style Sisters and I headed straight, as we always do, to the sale racks. We did stop on the way for a 2-for-$10 basic camisole to wear under transparent floaty things when the summer weather gets beastly. But we seem to have bought only one, so we paid full price—5.98—which would have grieved us were it not for our 15%-off-everything ticket.

Vivienne, Jazz, Amalienne, Paris Gray, Francine, Mattie Rose, Celestina Maria Santina, and all my other style sub-personalities were on board with the camisole: simple, versatile, no problem. Celestina Maria did seem a little quiet, even for her, but she went along with the crowd when we excitedly pulled this 7-dollar sweater from the sale rack. The birds, although eagle-footed, look sort of like crows—one of our favorite creatures.044

We were celebrating our excellent find; the sweater is very soft, and the black birds look so sharp, we thought, against the light background. (Now that we are grown, we are allowed to wear white. Our mother would not permit it, feeling that we would dirty it too quickly, and that would be—oh, horrible!) And at this price, if we get mustard on it very soon, we will be sad but not devastated.

All of us oohed and ahhed and took turns holding the sweater to our cheeks, except Celestina Maria. She ignored us as she continued rummaging around in the sale rack. And then, flushed and triumphant, she presented us with this rather amazing item, the likes of which we would never, ever have associated with someone so demure as she seems generally to be:

048Mercy, we thought, still waters do run deep, do they not? We could not imagine what might have led our quiet sister to such an obviously fierce choice until, poking around on the Internet, we discovered that Sicily (Celestina Maria’s country of origin) is the only Mediterranean island populated by the European wildcat, Felis silvestris. It looks pretty much like a housecat, to which it is closely related, but it does have its fierce moments.

Endangered and elusive, little Felis lives in forests and amongst rocky outcrops, where it grows up to weigh 7 to 18 pounds, stand 14 to 16 inches tall, and stretch 29 to 46 inches nose to tail. Not quite as large or as fierce as Celestina Maria’s sweater cat, but still not something we would wish to tangle with.

We hope we can convince her to wear her 7-dollar badge of fierceness with something that would soften it a bit; perhaps a lacy skirt.

But time alone will tell. Buona notte.








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