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You Did Not Get That for a Dollar!

Yellow Silk Tunic 002Yes, I did—I really did! I had stopped by the consignment shop I’ve been going to lately to surrender some of the garments with which all The Style Sisters (my fashion sub-personalities) have fallen out of love. As I always do, I drifted off to look around while the staff person evaluated my offering. (It’s one thing if you think your pet, your possession, or your child is unlovely or uninteresting; it’s another thing entirely if someone else thinks so. And tells you.) This shop has very nice things, but their prices are a bit on the high side: 6, 8, 10 dollars and up. (One gets so spoiled. …) So my first stop is always the dollar rack, the place where things go when shoppers have, over some weeks, rejected them at full price, reduced price, and half price.

And there I found this little gem, peeking out shyly from mid-rack. I might have bought it just to look at, but I dutifully tried it on and found that it fit as if it’d been made for me and felt like a dream; it’s all silk and light as the proverbial feather Yellow SIlk Tunic 2 004For a dollar! Marked down from 10. Mercy, the frogs are worth more than that.

When I got home, I had a look at the label: Spenser Jeremy. I looked them up and found they’re a respected mid-level brand that debuted in 1986; their pieces are well-like enough to be sold as vintage. And the currently favored Mexican designer Rolando Santana worked for them at the start of his career.

All of which is interesting but really neither here nor there. You know what the guys on Antiques Roadshow are always telling people: Buy what you love, regardless of the age, the label, or anyone else’s opinion about what it’s worth or how it looks; one person’s ugly child is another’s angel. In the words of Roadshow poster expert and style maverick Nick Lowry, “Don’t you know the old mantra, ‘Never buy art as an investment’? Only buy what you like; that way you can’t lose.”

Follow Nick’s advice with clothes and you’re well on the way to establishing a distinctive personal style, versus slavishly following fashion.

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  1. What a buy! I love the color; it looks so refreshing.


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