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Late One Night on a Frosty Morning

Jazz Cool Summer Day 004Wild spring … nearly 80 degrees and sunny one day, 50 and cloudy the next (just 40 for the morning walk to work). What to do? Jazz figured this one out for us: layers, and a mix of light and medium weights.

The day was so cool that the sweater stayed on, but I wanted you to see the under-layer. Pieces like this gently fitted, lightly stretchy tee from Land’s End (aaargh—20 bucks!) are one of the very few things I sometimes buy brand-new. Why? They’re foundational, versatile, and hard to find in excellentJazz Cool Summer Day 005 condition with all specifications met: perfect size, good color, no bagging, no sagging at the neckline, no banded collar or cuffs (too preschool when one wants a dressier look) and free of spots or stains (but that is something I demand of my thrift purchases as well). In the under-$5-thrift category, the H&M skirt, Gap cotton sweater, and black beads. Black footless capri tights (around $5 from Target) kept the nether regions warm.

Because of my Funny Foot Problem (short, wide, surgically rearranged), shoes are another item I usually buy new—and sometimes for a painful  number of  hard-earned dollars. These sneakers, however, are from the Payless children’s section—maybe 15 or 20 bucks (or were these one of the $8 sale pairs? I’ll keep better notes in future).Jazz Cool Summer Day 009

Led by Jazz, the Style Sisters and I danced all the way to work.




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  1. I love the photo of the shoes!


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