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10 minutes, 4 treasures, 11 bucks!

Yes, it was a four-ding day! Walking home from work, I pass (well, if I happen to walk that way) a tiny thrift store that often yields some amazing stuff. And all  that I spend goes right into the attached food pantry, so I can make peace with my conscience (that is, The Man in the Plaid Shirt saying one of three things: [1] “Do you really need that?” [2] “Is this in your budget?” or [3] Don’t you already have one of those?”)

So, on this particular day, despite a self-imposed “Do Not Thrift” order, I  found myself in the little shop about 10 minutes before closing. I try not to do that to shopkeepers, knowing that after a long day they’re probably dead tired and ready to go home, but Francine (typically the bossiest of my style sub-personalities) insisted. So I revved myself up for an extremely quick whip-through and ta-da! Talbot’s wool jacket, cotton scarf from Poland, embroidered vest, and faux alligator bag in which to carry treasures home—all for 11 bucks! Francine gloated for days.

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