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Amalienne’s Yellow Hat

In the mood for a bit of elegance (it happens now and then), I accepted the suggestions of Amalienne, one of the more refined of The Style Sisters, and wore this skirt and tunic.  I love the sea, so the pattern makes me happy. And sometime towards the end of the day, one of the buttons vanished, leaving a perfect spot for the sparkly one near the collar. I never mind losing buttons; they’re almost always so pedestrian, so one that falls off presents an opportunity rather than a problem.

Salvation Army provided both the tunic and the skirt, although they came from different stores at different times. The sneakers are Champions from the Payless children’s section, on sale, I think, for 20 dollars or less. (Children’s shoes almost always cost less, even for the same style; very odd—it’s the same amount of material! A case no doubt, of marketers selling to our perceptions.)

And various thrift stores provided the jewels (except the white bracelet—thank you, R.R.N. and M.A.N!).

Seashell tunic 012 (640x424)

      The yellow hat, just acquired from a church tag sale for 25 or 50 Seashell tunic 008cents or perhaps a whole dollar—I forgot I had it! So it stayed with Amalienne as she dreamed her funny dreams about what I do when I go to work each morning.

 And of course, Amalienne, because she is not an entirely serious person, insisted on the navy blue sneakers with white socks rolled down tightly.  (She reminds me of someone we both love: Dean Martin, of Rat Pack fame; did he ever sing any song all the way through without mugging?)

At any rate, I was fine with Amalienne’s shoe choice because I love sneakers and have a number of pairs (translation: too many and, at the same time, too few). They remind me of childhood days, when my great-uncle, who worked at a PF Flyer factory in a distant city, would visit each summer with several pairs each for me and my brother, selected after telephone consultations with my mother about how much our feet had grown. (They always fit!)

I also find sneakers funky and funny and spunky in a very American sort of way. (Trainers are another matter; I find most of them just plain ugly, no matter how they’re gussied up with color and sparkles; you know what they say about putting lipstick on a pig.)

And sneakers are  comfortable: My hard-to-fit feet are not happy in very many shoes, and I usually walk a great deal during the week — a mile or two to work (depending on whether I have time to take the long way around by the river), a couple of miles at noon, and a mile or two home. Stilettos? I don’t think so.

By the way, here’s something I find very amusing but also troubling:  Sneakers (or trainers) are showing up on the haute couture runways this season; all the models wore them in Karl Lagerfeld’s Spring/Summer 2014 show for Chanel (but Karl, when he took his victory circuit,  wore leather boots). And the fashion press has been gushing about how wonderful it is that women are no longer chained to their 5- or 6-inch heels, that they can once again wear sneakers and other flat shoes if they want to. Excuse me?!? You need someone to tell you that you’re allowed to wear the kind of shoes you feel like wearing (and then charge you 800 bucks for the privilege)? Please. That strikes me as extremely lame (no pun intended). It also strikes me as a good example of the difference between fashion and style.

And now, I need to choose some sneakers for tomorrow . . .





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2 replies

  1. Completely with you on the sneakers. I guess we’ve just been stylish for a very long time. : ) Also, love it that your uncle worked at PF Flyers! I loved those when I was a kid. I wore PF Flyers and Red Ball Jets (what ever happened to them, I wonder?).


    • Another member of the PF Flyers Club–yay!! Having locked them away in The Hall of Private Childhood Memories, I’m amazed to learn that someone else knew abut them–and that they’re still being made, still winning hearts and dressing feet. Just updated the link in the post–have a look at the women’s stuff. (Those red hightops with yellow soles–be still, my heart!) Not familiar with Red Ball Jets–will look into them. Love the name! (How many PF Flyers d’ya think they would have sold if they’d used the full name: Posture Foundation!)


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